Export to Google Calendar - Troubleshooting Tips

If you are having trouble with your Google Export here are some items that may help.

Wrong Time Zone:

When you export a calendar it should be set to the same time zone your manager has set in their WhenToWork account. You can click the Calendar settings in Google (Google Help page) to change the time zone if needed and then be sure to click to RESEND the shifts from your Export to Google Calendar page. If the calendar still does not look right please DELETE it and create it again.

Error Message: "Google calendar was not linked":

If you see this error this means access to Google was denied or Google is having temporary issues so you can try to create the calendar again in few minutes.

Editing Shifts inside Google Calendar:

Please do not make changes to shifts in Google Calendar THEY WILL NOT BE UPDATED AT WHENTOWORK. This feature only goes one way: from WhenToWork to Google Calendar.

The updates sent to Google when one of your published shifts is changed are based on the key code found in shift description text of each shift so BE SURE NOT TO EDIT THE KEY in the shift description of the shifts in Google.

Trouble when clicking to create calendar:

Please be sure you are logged into your Google account before attempting to create an export. 

I don't want WhenToWork to directly interface with my Google Account:

You can create a new Google account for the express purpose of exporting to that Google calendar, then in that calendar's settings set to share it with your regular Google Calendar account. This also makes the shifts "read only" so that they cannot be inadvertently changed in Google Calendar.