Use OpenID For Access

If your manager allows you to use OpenID, you can link your Google or Facebook login to your WhenToWork sign in so that you do not need to remember your username/password. This will allow you to sign in using one of these other web site sign ins. 

Once you have established a link on your Info page, you can use the special OpenID button on the sign in page. 

If your manager has NOT enabled this feature, please contact them and ask them to enable it. 

If your manager HAS enabled this feature, you can do the following to set up your OpenID link: 

From any page: 
  • Click Info in the top menu 
  • Click the Connect OpenID button 
  • Follow the instructions to link your sign ins 

The next time you go to the WhenToWork sign in page, you can use the Sign In with OpenID button for easier access:

Sign In With OpenID